Cute cartoon flamingos are featured here in our cute cartoon Birdorable style. Find every flamingo species in the world cute-ified in our special style.

American Flamingo
American Flamingo - North America's only naturally occurring flamingo is a big pink cutie!
Andean Flamingo
Andean Flamingo - The only flamingo with yellow legs -- this species is found in the Andes mountains.
Chilean Flamingo
Chilean Flamingo - One of the flamingoes found in South America -- a pink cutie!
Greater Flamingo
Greater Flamingo - This is our cute Birdorable version of the iconic pink wading bird.
James's Flamingo
James's Flamingo - This pink friend is found in Andes lakes and is also called the Puna Flamingo.
Lesser Flamingo
Lesser Flamingo - The appropriately-named Lesser Flamingo is the smallest species of the six global flamingo types.