These are our Birdorable Parrots & Parakeets. Most of the birds in this colorful group have hooked bills. They are native to all parts of the world and several species have established wild, feral populations in large urban areas far from their native lands.

African Grey Parrot
African Grey Parrot - These novelties and apparel with our Birdorable African Grey are too cute!
Alexandrine Parakeet
Alexandrine Parakeet - This is our Birdorable version of the Alexandrine Parakeet.
Australian King-Parrot
Australian King-Parrot - Find cute gifts featuring this pretty Australian endemic parrot.
Barred Parakeet
Barred Parakeet - Our cute Barred Parakeet comes in four different colors. Lots of cute gifts here for Lineolated Parakeet owners.
Black-headed Parrot
Black-headed Parrot - The Black-headed Parrot is also known as the Black-headed Caique, Black-capped Parrot or Pallid Parrot.
Black-winged Lovebird
Black-winged Lovebird - AKA Abyssinian Lovebird. This beautiful parrot is one of the more popular lovebirds in aviculture.
Blue-and-yellow Macaw
Blue-and-yellow Macaw - This is our cute Birdorable version of the Blue-and-yellow Macaw
Blue-crowned Conure
Blue-crowned Conure - Also called Blue-crowned Parakeet or Sharp-tailed Conure. This is our totally cute Birdorable version of the Blue-crowned Conure.
Blue-fronted Parrot
Blue-fronted Parrot - These cuties are named for the blue forehead patch. Another cute parrot by Birdorable!
Blue-headed Macaw
Blue-headed Macaw - A cute little species of macaw also known as the Coulon's Macaw.
Blue-headed Parrot
Blue-headed Parrot - The Blue-headed Parrot is a medium-sized species of parrot found in the Amazon basin of South America. where they feed on fruits and seeds...
Blue-naped Parrot
Blue-naped Parrot - Also called Blue-crowned Green Parrots, Luzon Parrots or Philippine Green Parrots.
Blue-throated Macaw
Blue-throated Macaw - A beautiful and critically endangered species found in Bolivia. They are popular in aviculture.
Blue-winged Macaw
Blue-winged Macaw - Shop for gifts featuring our cartoon Blue-winged Macaw, AKA Illiger’s Macaw. These are small macaws named for their blue wings!
Bourke's Parrot
Bourke's Parrot - Another cutie pie from Birdorable! Look at the beautiful markings on this bird.
Budgies - Our totally cute Birdorable Budgie comes in four different colors. Lots of great t-shirts and gifts with oiur green, blue & yellow, blue or grey Budgerigars.
Burrowing Parakeet
Burrowing Parakeet - This South American species is known as the Patagonian Conure in aviculture.
Cape Parrot
Cape Parrot - In contrast with the Uncape Parrot, this species is endangered.
Carolina Parakeet
Carolina Parakeet - Beautiful, colorful, unique. Now gone. The Carolina Parakeet flies no more. :(
Chattering Lory
Chattering Lory - Our little red cutie is great for Chattering Lory fans and lovers!
Chestnut-fronted Macaw
Chestnut-fronted Macaw - A darling little green macaw with splashes of red, blue, and, of course, chestnut.
Cockatiel - The Cockatiel is a colorful, crested type of parrot that lives in Australia. Too cute!
Crimson Rosella
Crimson Rosella - A pretty little parakeet from Australia with a striking red, blue, and black plumage.
Crimson-bellied Parakeet
Crimson-bellied Parakeet - This lovely species of parrot is also known as the Crimson-bellied Conure.
Derbyan Parakeet
Derbyan Parakeet - A royal-sounding name for a royally beautiful bird. Also known as Derbyan Parakeet.
Dusky Lory
Dusky Lory - This cutie is also known as the Dusky Lorikeet. Great gifts here for Lorikeet lovers!
Dusky-headed Parakeet
Dusky-headed Parakeet - The Dusky-headed Parakeet is also known as the Weddell's Conure or the Dusky-headed Conure. Whatever the name, it sure is cute!
Eastern Rosella
Eastern Rosella - A beautiful parrot species with feathers in a virtual rainbow of colors.
Eclectus Parrot
Eclectus Parrot - The Eclectus Parrot is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands.
Fischer's Lovebird
Fischer's Lovebird - Another cute species from Africa (as are all lovebirds). This one is especially colorful and darling!
Galah - Galahs are also called Rose-breasted Cockatoo, Galah Cockatoo, or Roseate Cockatoo.
Golden Parakeet
Golden Parakeet - A beautiful golden yellow parrot of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.
Golden-capped Parakeet
Golden-capped Parakeet - A beautiful conure. This is our totally cute Birdorable Golden-capped Parakeet!
Golden-collared Macaw
Golden-collared Macaw - Also called the Yellow-collared Macaw. A native of South America.
Golden-winged Parakeet
Golden-winged Parakeet - Another cute parrot from Birdorable! These guys live in South America.
Green-cheeked Parakeet
Green-cheeked Parakeet - A cute bird that comes in many forms - six subspecies and many color mutations!
Green-winged Macaw
Green-winged Macaw - This darling large parrot has another name: it is also known as the Red-and-green Macaw.
Grey-hooded Parakeet
Grey-hooded Parakeet - Find cute cartoon gifts for fans of the Grey-hooded Parakeet, a South American species also known as the Sierra Parakeet or the Aymara Parakeet.
Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw - Show support for the conservation of this amazing bird in Birdorable style!
Jandaya Parakeet
Jandaya Parakeet - Cute colorful birds of the parrot family. AKA Jenday Conure in aviculture.
Kakapo - This endangered parrot is native to New Zealand.
Kea - Our Birdorable version of this special alpine parrot from New Zealand.
Lesser Vasa-Parrot
Lesser Vasa-Parrot - An all-black parrot from Madagascar & other islands. Also known as... wait for it... Black Parrot.
Lilian's Lovebird
Lilian's Lovebird - This lovebird was first described in the late 1890's and is also known as the Nyasa Lovebird.
Maroon-bellied Conure
Maroon-bellied Conure - This is our totally cute Birdorable Maroon-bellied Conure, with its cute little belly-patch!
Maroon-bellied Parakeet
Maroon-bellied Parakeet - A sweet species named for its belly-patch. Also known as Maroon-bellied Conure.
Mealy Parrot
Mealy Parrot - A cute amazon parrot with an interesting food-inspired name.
Meyer's Parrot
Meyer's Parrot - This is our totally cute Birdorable version of the Meyer's Parrot, a darling found in parts of Africa.
Military Macaw
Military Macaw - Customizable apparel, gifts and novelties featuring our original Birdorable cartoon Military Macaw!
Monk Parakeet
Monk Parakeet - These birds are also known as Quaker Parrots. Another cute bird in the Birdorable style!
Nanday Parakeet
Nanday Parakeet - This cutie is also known as the Nanday Conure or the Black-hooded Parakeet.
Orange-winged Parrot
Orange-winged Parrot - A mostly green parrot with blue and yellow on the face... and orange on the wings, natch.
Pacific Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet - Pacific Parrotlets are small parrots native to South America.
Palm Cockatoo
Palm Cockatoo - Palm Cockatoos are a species of parrot native to Australia. Check out the crest!
Peach-fronted Parakeet
Peach-fronted Parakeet - This cute Birdorable bird is also known as the Peach-fronted Parakeet.
Pesquet's Parrot
Pesquet's Parrot - Pesquet's Parrots, also known as Vulturine Parrots, have an interesting look. They have a mostly blackish body plumage, with striking red at the belly...
Pink Cockatoo
Pink Cockatoo - A pink cockatoo with a crazy crest and multiple commonly used names.
Plum-headed Parakeet
Plum-headed Parakeet - Plum-headed Parakeets are beautiful - males and females have distinctly different plumage!
Princess Parrot
Princess Parrot - Princess Parrots are native to Australia. They are popular in aviculture due to their beautiful plumage.
Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet - These birds are named for their beautiful, colorful plumage. This is our Birdorable Rainbow Lorikeet.
Red-bellied Macaw
Red-bellied Macaw - Shop here for cute apparel and gifts featuring our cartoon Birdorable illustration of a Red-bellied Macaw. The Red-bellied Macaw is a pretty parrot species native...
Red-bellied Parrot
Red-bellied Parrot - This cutie is native to Africa. Another adorable Birdorable parrot!
Red-crowned Parakeet
Red-crowned Parakeet - A cutie from New Zealand! Also goes by the name Rose-fronted Parakeet.
Red-fan Parrot
Red-fan Parrot - Call it Hawk-headed or Red-fan - we have several designs to choose from!
Red-fronted Macaw
Red-fronted Macaw - This beautiful Macaw is an endangered species. Our Birdorable Red-fronted Macaw.
Red-headed Lovebird
Red-headed Lovebird - This darling is also known as the Red-faced Lovebird. They are African cuties!
Red-lored Parrot
Red-lored Parrot - This cutie also goes by the name Red-lored Amazon. So darling as a Birdorable!
Red-masked Parakeet
Red-masked Parakeet - Red-masked Parakeets are native to South America. Too cute!
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo - A nearly all-black cutie from Down Under! Beautiful red panels in the tail give this bird its name.
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Rose-ringed Parakeet - Cute Indian Ringnecks in three different colors: original, blue and green. Lots of great ringneck gifts with cute Rose-ringed Parakeets
Rosy-faced Lovebird
Rosy-faced Lovebird - A cutie from Africa also known as the Peach-faced Lovebird. Darling!
Saint Lucia Parrot
Saint Lucia Parrot - What a daring! These birds are the national symbol of St. Lucia.
Salmon-crested Cockatoo
Salmon-crested Cockatoo - A big beautiful cockatoo from Indonesia. Also called the Moluccan Cockatoo.
Scaly-headed Parrot
Scaly-headed Parrot - A cutie also known by the name Maximilian's Pionus. A South American cutie!
Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw - The Scarlet Macaw is a large-sized colorful bird in the parrot family, native to South America.
Senegal Parrot
Senegal Parrot - The Senegal Parrot is native to parts of western Africa. Cute gifts here for parrot lovers!
Spix's Macaw
Spix's Macaw - The beautiful Spix's Macaw is a critically endangered parrot species native to Brazil.
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - A large white cockatoo with a yellowish crest - totally cute here in Birdorable cartoon format!
Sun Parakeet
Sun Parakeet - A cute and brightly-colored bird that is also known as the Sun Conure.
Superb Parrot
Superb Parrot - A cute Australian parrot also known as Barraband's Parakeet and the Green Leek Parrot.
Tanimbar Corella
Tanimbar Corella - These cuties are also known as Goffin's Cockatoos! They are endemic to the forests of Tanimbar islands in Indonesia.
Umbrella Cockatoo
Umbrella Cockatoo - These white parrot cuties are native to Indonesia.
Uncape Parrot
Uncape Parrot - Uncape Parrots are large African birds; they were recently taxonomically split from the Cape Parrot.
Vinaceous Parrot
Vinaceous Parrot - A colorful beauty found in South America. Also known as Vinaceous Amazon.
White-bellied Parrot
White-bellied Parrot - Also known as the White-bellied Caique. Another totally cute Birdorable parrot!
White-crowned Parrot
White-crowned Parrot - This darling is also known as the White-crowned Pionus. Too cute!
White-fronted Parrot
White-fronted Parrot - A cute Birdorable parrot; also known as the Spectacled Amazon Parrot.
White-tailed Black Cockatoo
White-tailed Black Cockatoo - This cutie is also known as the Long-billed Black Cockatoo or Baudin's Black Cockatoo.
Yellow-bibbed Lory
Yellow-bibbed Lory - A beautiful and colorful parrot native to the Solomon Islands. Exotic and cute!
Yellow-collared Lovebird
Yellow-collared Lovebird - A cute little species that's popular in aviculture. The Blue Masked is a color mutation of this species.
Yellow-crested Cockatoo
Yellow-crested Cockatoo - Cockatoos have remarkable moving headcrests. This cutie is made in the Birdorable style!
Yellow-headed Amazon
Yellow-headed Amazon - This species is also known as the Double Yellow-headed Amazon. What a cutie!
Yellow-naped Parrot
Yellow-naped Parrot - A darling green bird with a conspicuous yellow nape. See how it stands out in the name?