In this section you'll find our collection of cute Birdorable Sparrows. We have Old World Sparrows grouped with the New World Sparrows here.

Chipping Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow - A cute little sparrow of the New World. See the rufous crown and unstreaked belly -- that's how you know it's a Chippy.
Dark-eyed Junco
Dark-eyed Junco - Cute little 'snowbirds' by Birdorable. Six common subspecies are featured.
Eastern Towhee
Eastern Towhee - Eastern Towhees are not your typical LBJ - Little Brown Job. These sparrows are striking!
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Customizable t-shirts, cards, keychains, mugs, hats and other gifts with our cute Birdorable Tree Sparrow. Add your own text!
House Sparrow
House Sparrow - Customizable t-shirts and gifts with our totally cute Birdorable House Sparrow.
Spotted Towhee
Spotted Towhee - A big and bold sparrow of the North American west.
White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow - A dapper little bird with special black-and-white striped head plumage.
White-throated Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow - A sweet little bird with a white soul patch and a mournful song.