These are our totally cute Birdorable Pigeons and Doves. These birds are in the family Columbidae. Chicks of these species are called squabs. There are over 300 species of Columbidae. Here are the cutest ones!

African Green Pigeon
African Green Pigeon - Pigeons and doves don't just come in shades of grey! In fact, it IS easy being green for this African beauty!
Common Wood Pigeon
Common Wood Pigeon - Find cute gifts featuring our adorable Birdorable cartoon Common Wood Pigeon!
Crested Pigeon
Crested Pigeon - Shop here for gifts featuring our impossibly cute Birdorable Crested Pigeon! This darling bird is named for the long straight crest atop its head....
Diamond Dove
Diamond Dove - A cute small species of dove native to Australia. The red eyering and white wing spots are stunning!
Dodo - Customizable t-shirts, cards, keychains, mugs, hats and other gifts with our cute Birdorable Dodo. Add your own text!
Eurasian Collared Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove - Cute gifts with our Birdorable Eurasian Collared Dove. Great for dove fanciers and bird lovers.
European Turtle Dove
European Turtle Dove - Small doves native to Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. What a cutie!
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove - Mourning Doves are named for their distinctive, melancholy-sounding call.
Namaqua Dove
Namaqua Dove - This small dove lives in Africa and Arabia. The Namaqua Dove in cute Birdorable style!
Passenger Pigeon
Passenger Pigeon - A huge story of loss for humanity. The Passenger Pigeon population went from billions to zero in a very short time.
Pink-headed Fruit Dove
Pink-headed Fruit Dove - Shop for unique gifts featuring our cute cartoon Pink-headed Fruit Dove, AKA Temminck’s Fruit Pigeon, AKA Holy Cow That’s a Colorful Dove!
Ring-necked Dove
Ring-necked Dove - Find unique gifts featuring our cartoon Ring-necked Dove. This species is widespread across the southern half of Africa, where its trilling call is a familiar sound.
Rock Pigeon
Rock Pigeon - The ultimate city bird, this cute little pidge is created in the super-cute Birdorable style.
Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Victoria Crowned Pigeon - Large size, piercing red eyes, and a beautiful wispy head crest are all attributes of this striking pigeon.
White-crowned Pigeon
White-crowned Pigeon - A cute species of dove that has a distinct plumage -- all grey body and bright white crown.
White-winged Dove
White-winged Dove - Just like Stevie sang, here's a cute little White-winged Dove! Ooh baby ooh, said "ooh."