These are our Birdorable Waterbirds. Some species, like the Magnificent Frigatebird, live most of their lives at sea and only come to shore during breeding season. Others, like the Brown Pelican, spend their entire lives near water.

American White Pelican
American White Pelican - A large white seabird native to North America. A totally cute cartoon pelican!
Australian Pelican
Australian Pelican - Find unique gifts for pelican fans with our cartoon Australian Pelican. These guys have white bodies, black wings, and huge pink beaks.
Blue-footed Booby
Blue-footed Booby - Customizable t-shirts, cards, keychains, mugs, hats and other gifts with our cute Birdorable Blue-footed Booby. Add your own text!
Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican - Pelicans fly in recognizable patrols along ocean shores. This is our Birdorable Brown Pelican.
Double-crested Cormorant
Double-crested Cormorant - A black seabird that gets snazzy during breeding season. Males & females both develop the namesake crests.
European Shag
European Shag - Customizable t-shirts, cards, keychains, mugs, hats and other gifts with our cute Birdorable Shag. Add your own text!
Great White Pelican
Great White Pelican - A big white species of pelican - aptly named! Found in parts of Eurasia and Africa.
Hamerkop - This is our cute Birdorable version of the Hamerkop or Hammerhead, a common bird in sub-Saharan Africa.
Magnificent Frigatebird
Magnificent Frigatebird - During breeding season, male Magnificent Frigatebirds inflate their red pouches.
Masked Booby
Masked Booby - The Masked Booby is named for its dark facial mask. It's the largest Booby, and still a cutie!
Northern Gannet
Northern Gannet - A big seabird with a striking look and a fantastic fishing skill. They slice into the water!
Peruvian Booby
Peruvian Booby - Adults Peruvian Boobies have white heads with dark brown backs and wings.
Shoebill - The Shoebill has the largest bill of any bird on earth!
White-tailed Tropicbird
White-tailed Tropicbird - A beautiful seabird with a long trailing tail and a bright yellow beak.