Greater Bird-of-paradise

Men's Basic Sweatshirt

As the name implies, the Greater Bird-of-paradise is the largest bird in its family. This is our cute cartoon version of the flashy, long-plumed male. You can customize this gift! Move the bird-of-paradise around, change the product color or style, add text or images -- make it your own! If you'd like to see the Birdorable Greater Bird-of-paradise on a different product not currently available, please send us a message and we can make the product available in our store.
About this T-Shirt
Brave any outdoor activity in the comfort of this classic crewneck sweatshirt. It's both plush and durable in its construction - a true staple for any wardrobe that will last. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it your own!
Bird in this design
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