Today we have added a new species to Birdorable: the Wood Thrush.


The Wood Thrush is a medium-sized songbird in the thrush family. Related birds include the familiar American Robin as well as the Blackbird of Europe. Wood Thrushes breed across parts of eastern North America and winter across parts of Central America. The song of the Wood Thrush is very beautiful. Wood Thrushes have a double voice box, which allows them to sing a melodious harmony with themselves. This specialized voice box is called a syrinx. Some say that the song of the Wood Thrush is the most beautiful of all bird songs. What do you think?

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Today we have added the Inca Tern to Birdorable. Inca Terns have a mostly dark grey plumage, with the tail being darker. The wings are tipped in white. Males and females look alike. Adult birds can easily be recognized by their long white mustachial feather plumes. Mustaches are hot right now, making Inca Terns the most popular birds on the beach!


Inca Terns are piscivorous, meaning their diet consists of mostly fish. They eat small fish including anchovies and silversides which are snatched from the water as the bird swoops down from a hovering position. Love these ornate fish-loving birds? Be sure to check out our collection of cute cartoon Inca Tern gifts!

inca tern

To celebrate our 500th Birdorable, we've added three new coloring pages to our website today. Go to Coloring Pages to download the PDFs. You can visit the meet pages for each bird to check the colors: Passenger Pigeon, Southern Ground Hornbill and European Bee-eater.

Coloring Pages of Passenger Pigeon, European Bee-eater and Southern Ground Hornbill

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