New Birdorable Parrots and Lovebirds

Check out these new additions to the Birdorable family. The Abyssinian Lovebird, Masked Lovebird and Eclectus Parrot have been cutified closely matching the original colors. These cute birds are available on a range of different products, from bibs, children's clothes and adult t-shirts to buttons, magnets, tiles, bags, mugs and much more! They are great gifts for birders or fans of birds.

  • Abyssinian Lovebirds are the largest birds in the lovebird family. They are a kind of parrot. They live in Africa from Eritrea to Ethiopia.
  • Masked Lovebirds are a type of parrot and one of the smaller birds of the lovebird family. The live in the northeast of Tanzania in Africa.
  • The Eclectus Parrot lives on the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Australia. Males are bright green while females are red and purple.
New Birdorable Lovebirds and Parrots


Spurwing Plover on June 12, 2022 at 6:18 PM wrote:
The two little Lovebirds from The Birds when she(Hedrin)was doing all the curves in t hat road the birds would lean side to side

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