T-Shirt Tuesday: Vulture Week Edition

We're celebrating Vulture Week because this Saturday, September 5th, marks International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD). This commemorative day has been celebrated since at least 2009 and aims to highlight the importance of vultures and vulture conservation through education.

We're excited to offer several new apparel styles via our partner Zazzle. A new line of women's tank tops, more choices for babies and toddlers, and two all-over print styles are all brand new in our shop.

Showing off these new styles are a couple of new designs unveiled for Vulture Week.

Birdorable Vulture T-Shirts

New World Vultures (more styles coming soon!) features the seven species of vulture native to the Americas. These birds are scavengers who play an important role in keeping our environment clean. The birds here include the Critically Endangered California Condor and the widespread Turkey Vulture. New World Vultures is shown above on a Women's Bella Flowy Muscle Tank Top and below on a Baby Fine Jersey T-Shirt.

Old World Vultures features the faces of all of the Old World vultures in colorful dots arranged in rows. Unfortunately many of these species face population threats. The vultures shown in the design include the unusual Palm-nut Vulture and the pretty white Egyptian Vulture. Old World Vultures is shown above on a Men's Adidas ClimaLite T-Shirt and below on a new All-Over Print T-Shirt.

Birdorable Vulture T-Shirts

Join us all week long as we highlight the world's vulture species leading up to International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday!

Our American friends are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, which means that the holidays are just around the corner! We'd like to highlight just a few new products, popular products, and new designs that would make perfect gifts for the bird-lover on your holiday gift list.

Gifts For Owl Lovers

There's no doubt that owls are a hot design trend this year. Cute cartoon owls are especially popular. There are a lot of pastel or brightly colored owls on the market, but here at Birdorable we pride ourselves on designing cartoon birds that are totally cute and naturally accurate - though we aren't against adding a little whimsy to our designs. Case-in-point: our most popular seller this year has been Owls are Cool, which features a Birdorable Barred Owl wearing a cool pair of shades. Have a look at all of our cute owl gifts.

For Your Holiday Gift Exchange: Shop by Price

We have improved the shop-by-price function on Birdorable.com. In the upper left corner there is a handy box which lists gift recipients and gift price ranges. If you click on one of the price range links, you can see a list of all products within that range. The new functionality allows for searching for specific products and/or birds within a price range. For example, you can search for Barn Owl t-shirts priced between $25 and $35, Christmas ornaments priced $15 to $20, or Bald Eagle gifts from $7 to $13.

Fun Ideas for Backyard Birders

If you have someone on your list who loves feeding birds, let them show off their hobby with a cute t-shirt! We've got designs for sharing Backyard Bird love plus a special design for those across the pond who feed their garden birds. If your recipient has a special favorite bird, browse through our species pages to find the perfect gift!

Think Green with Sustainable Gifts

Promote conservation at home with reuseable water bottles and cloth grocery and tote bags.

NEW! Smartphone Cases for Everyone

We have cases for iPhone 5 cases; iPhone 4 cases; iPhone 3 cases; Droid RAZR phone cases; HTC Vivid cases; Samsung Galaxy S3 cases; Samsung Galaxy S2 cases; and Blackberry cases. Some of these cases are brand new in our shop and have not been added with all of our designs so far. If there is a case you want with a certain design, let us know and we'll add it as soon as we can!

Pictured: One Day I'm Going To Be The Pope! iPhone 3 case; Philippine Eagle HTC Vivid case; Four Color Warblers Blackberry case; Puffin Prowess iPhone 4 case; Leach's Storm Petrel iPhone 5 case We've got accessories for other electronic devices, too. Check out our growing collection of iPad cases & folios; iPod Touch cases; iPad mini cases; and Kindle Keyboard cases We've also got new apparel options, plus brand new birds will be added each week right up until the end of the year. We're really gearing up for Christmas! As you prepare for the coming season, we wish you and all of our Birdorable fans tranquility, peace, and love during this season, and all throughout the year.

Birders know that Cooper's Hawks and Sharp-shinned Hawks look alike. These two species share many of the same field marks, and can often be found in the same habitat, behaving the same way. However, they don't often appear in the exact same place at the same time. That's what makes a series of photos posted earlier this month on the Cornell FeederWatch blog truly remarkable. A staff member observed and photographed a Sharpie mobbing a Cooper's Hawk, and the results were pretty amazing: Sharp-shinned Hawk Versus Cooper’s Hawk. When you've just got one bird to identify, there are few key points to consider when trying to determine whether your bird is a Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk versus Sharp-shinned Hawk ID tips

Size, head shape, and body proportions are among the important attributes to keep in mind in this identification challenge. This cute original design featuring a Birdorable Cooper's Hawk next to a Birdorable Sharp-shinned Hawk points out these tips and more. This new design is available on t-shirts and novelties for your accipter-studying convenience.

Cooper's Hawk versus Sharp-shinned Hawk merchandise

World Eagle Day

Today is World Eagle Day! That makes it a very good day to formally reveal our new, updated, super-cute Birdorable Bald Eagle. Of course, it is available on a wide variety of apparel and gifts! The Bald Eagle has been a symbol of the United States since it was chosen to be part of the Great Seal of the United States in 1782.

Birdorable Bald Eagle

The species was in peril in the late 20th century in part due to the use of the pesticide DDT, which was introduced into the environment and interfered with the ability for Bald Eagles and other species to process calcium in their bodies. Eggs laid by affected birds were too thin to support incubation. When DDT was banned, the species rebounded and was eventually removed from the USFW Endangered and Threatened Wildlife list in 2007. We are so happy that Bald Eagles are once again thriving across North America, and we hope they continue to do so forever.

Birdorable Eagle Products
Birdorable ABC T-Shirts

A is for Avocet, B is for Bobolink and C is for Coot. Check out our latest Birdorable Alphabet designs, now available on t-shirts and gifts. Almost all letters are there and we'll be adding a few more in the coming days. These cute Birdorable letters are great for kids (and birders) of all ages! Now get 50% off all white t-shirts and 15% of all other products when you use coupon code HOLIDAYSSALE at checkout. This coupon is valid on all our Zazzle products through Sunday December 11, 2011. Also get free shipping on $50 orders, or sign up for a free trial of Zazzle Black and get free shipping on any order.

The Most Birdorable Time of the Year: A Parrot Christmas Tree

As the holiday season twinkles upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a delightful flock of Birdorable parrots and parakeets, all perched together in the most festive formation? Behold the Christmas tree that chirps and chatters, a uniquely feathered creation, where Macaws, Conures, Cockatiels, Budgies, Linnies, Cockatoos, and many more charming birds come together to embody the spirit of the season in an original holiday design.

This heartwarming assembly of Birdorable birds isn't just a merry gathering; it's a colorful representation of the diversity and beauty of our avian friends. From the majestic Macaws with their brilliant blues and sunny yellows to the playful Budgies and their myriad of greens, blues, and yellows, each bird adds its own dash of color and character to the tree. The Conures with their splashes of green, red, and yellow look as though they've been dipped in the very essence of traditional holiday colors, while the Cockatiels, with their elegant gray plumage and cheeky crests, bring a touch of grace to the mix.

Birdorable Parrots and Parakeets Christmas Tree design

This is a great design for parrot lovers and bird enthusiasts — a way to include your passion for birds into your holiday celebrations. Available on a variety of products, this design makes for perfect holiday-themed gifts, whether you're treating yourself or surprising a fellow bird lover. It's a whimsical addition to any holiday decor, bringing a flock of cheer and a reminder of the vibrant life that thrives beyond our wintery windows.

As we wrap up the year and nestle into the comfort of our homes, let's not forget the colorful world of birds that continues to thrive and enchant us. May this Birdorable parrot Christmas tree light up your holidays and fill your season with the cheerfulness and beauty of our feathered friends.

National Birdorable of Israel: Hoopoe

The Hoopoe, a striking and unique crested bird, was named the official national bird of Israel in May 2008. The bird won a national survey to become the honored bird. Stephen Colbert had some fun making the announcement on his show last week. We couldn't miss the opportunity to further honor the beautiful Hoopoe, already a member of the Birdorable family, with a special Birdorable of Israel edition.

The design is available on t-shirts and other gifts:

Celebrate Your State Pride with Birdorable's State Bird Series!

Birdorable is thrilled to announce a delightful new series that's bound to capture the hearts of bird lovers and state pride enthusiasts alike! Our latest collection features the charming state birds of the U.S., each rendered in our signature Birdorable style. Imagine the Northern Mockingbird, symbolizing both Florida and Texas, the serene Common Loon of Minnesota, and the adorable Chickadee of Massachusetts, all brought to life with a cute and cartoonish flair that's unmistakably Birdorable. Each bird is set against a backdrop of its respective state flag.

This unique blend of avian cuteness and state pride makes our new series a perfect way to show your love for your state and its feathered ambassador. Whether you're a birdwatcher, a backyard birder, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these creatures, our state bird series offers something special for you. Imagine wearing a T-shirt with a Birdorable rendition of your state bird, or sipping your morning coffee from a mug adorned with one of these adorable designs. It's a way to bring a piece of your state's natural beauty into your daily life, while also enjoying the playful and heartwarming style that Birdorable is known for.

The Northern Mockingbird, with its mimicking prowess and spirited song, represents the diverse cultures and vibrant music scenes of Florida and Texas. The Common Loon, symbolizing Minnesota, calls to mind serene lakes and wilderness, echoing the state's love for outdoor adventures. And the Chickadee, Maine's pride, reflects the state's rugged coasts and dense forests, a testament to nature's resilience and beauty. Each bird, with its unique qualities and significance, tells a story about its state..

We're excited to expand this series and bring even more state birds to life in the Birdorable style. Whether you're from the rolling prairies of Nebraska, the icy expanses of Alaska, or the bustling streets of New York, we want to hear from you! Your state bird could be next to receive the Birdorable treatment, complete with its state flag waving proudly in the background. And we're not stopping there — we're open to all sorts of fun and creative design ideas that celebrate birds and the joy they bring into our lives.

If you have a favorite state bird you'd like to see in our collection, or if you have any other bird-themed design ideas, we'd love to hear from you. Your input could inspire the next adorable addition to our shop, so don't hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with us. Together, we can continue to celebrate the beauty and diversity of birds in the most Birdorable way possible.

Check out our current lineup of state bird designs and find your state's feathered friend in adorable style. Who knows? You might just find the perfect Birdorable product to express your state pride and love for birds. Join us in this exciting avian adventure!

Great Tit T-Shirts: Where Birdwatching Meets Humor

Today we feature a new funny t-shirt design with two Birdorable cute Great Tits across the chest. The design blends a love for birdwatching with a touch of suggestive humor, making them a unique addition to any birder or bird lover's wardrobe.

The design of these t-shirts showcases the Great Tits in all their glory, with attention to detail that captures the essence of these charming birds. Placed cheekily across the chest, the design plays on the double entendre associated with the bird's name, offering a light-hearted nod to adult humor. Whether you're out on a birdwatching adventure, attending a casual gathering with friends, or simply going about your day, wearing one of these t-shirts is sure to spark conversations and bring smiles to faces.

Great Tits are a widespread and common species throughout Europe and Asia. Like many other bird species, these birds play essential roles in their ecosystems, contributing to the control of pest populations and the pollination of plants. By wearing a shirt that celebrates these birds, you're also raising awareness about the beauty of nature and the importance of bird conservation.

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, finding moments of levity and joy is crucial. These funny t-shirts featuring Birdorable Great Tits offer just that – a chance to celebrate the lighter side of life while honoring the natural world. They're perfect for birders, tit fans, and anyone who appreciates a bit of silliness alongside their love for nature.

Cute Birdorable Great Tits t-shirt/gifts/designs/great-tits

The Vermilion Flycatcher: Birdorable's Latest Feathered Friend

Birdorable Vermilion Flycatcher

Today we are proud to announce that we have added the Vermilion Flycatcher to Birdorable as our 82nd bird. Known for its vivid red plumage in males, which contrasts beautifully against its brownish-black wings and tail, this bird is a visual spectacle. The females, while more subdued in color with their peachy underparts and grayish-brown upperparts, carry a subtle elegance that complements the males' fiery display. These birds, primarily found in the Americas, from the southwestern United States down through Central America to northern Argentina, are a vibrant splash of color in the landscapes they inhabit.

Beyond their captivating appearance, Vermilion Flycatchers lead fascinating lives. As their name suggests, they are adept insect hunters, catching their prey in mid-air with remarkable agility and precision. Observers are often treated to the sight of these birds performing acrobatic flights, a testament to their hunting prowess. Their diet mainly consists of insects, including flies, beetles, and moths, which they snatch from the air with a sharp snap of their beaks.

The breeding habits of these flycatchers are equally intriguing. They are known for their elaborate courtship displays, where the male performs a series of flight maneuvers to attract a mate. These displays, coupled with their vibrant colors, make them one of the most visually captivating breeding rituals in the bird world. Nests are built by the females and are carefully concealed in the branches of trees or bushes, providing a safe haven for their eggs and, eventually, their chicks.

Despite their beauty and the joy they bring to birdwatchers, Vermilion Flycatchers face challenges from habitat loss and environmental changes. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensure that these stunning birds continue to thrive and grace our environments with their presence. Protecting their habitats and supporting conservation initiatives are vital steps in safeguarding the future of the Vermilion Flycatcher.

In celebration of this remarkable species, the Vermilion Flycatcher has been added to the Birdorable family, joining a growing list of birds that have been 'cutified' in the unique Birdorable style.

Photo of a male Vermilion Flycatcher

Male Vermilion Flyatcher by Becky Matsubara (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

Cute Vermilion Flycatcher Gifts