12 Days of Birdorable

Birdorable's Christmas Countdown: Six Geese-a-Laying with the Greylag Goose

On the sixth day of Birdorable, the gift was truly delightful... 6 Greylag Geese-a-Laying! As we joyfully continue our 12 Days of Birdorable, today we're thrilled to welcome the Birdorable Greylag Goose, a brand new addition to our avian celebration.

Embracing the "Six Geese-a-Laying" from the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol, the Greylag Goose serves as a perfect living symbol for this verse. These birds are not only prevalent across much of Europe but also hold a special place in the history of aviculture as the ancestors of the modern domestic Embden Goose.

The Greylag Goose, with its distinctive bulky body and large head, showcases shades of grey on its feathers, punctuated by a pinkish beak and legs, making it a sight of understated beauty in the wild. As one of the largest and oldest of the geese native to the UK and Europe, their presence is a common yet always remarkable sight in wetlands, marshes, and lakes.

In the wild, the Greylag Goose is known for its remarkable parenting skills, with both the male and female sharing the responsibility of incubating the eggs and raising their young. The sight of these geese-a-laying during the breeding season is a natural spectacle.

This is the sixth day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

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