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Warbler Neck Awareness: Who is most likely to suffer from Warbler Neck?

April 28th, 2011 in Warbler Neck Awareness 1 comment

May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month. This month we are highlighting the affliction with a series of blog posts and new WN Awareness merchandise. While all birders are liable to suffer from the pains of Warbler Neck, certain types of birders may suffer more than others. If you're a lister or a newbie, pay attention, especially during May, which is Warbler Neck Awareness Month.

The Lister: Birders who need certain species ticked off their year list, county list, state list, park list, or other list are more likely to suffer from WN on a given day. The need drives the birder to continue searching through the pain.

The Newbie: Sometimes the pain of WN aren't felt until hours or even days after the actual birding event. Blissful ignorance can lead to hours of nonstop canopy-watching, which then leads to a mountain of pain.

Help spread awareness about Warbler Neck with original WN Awareness gear from Birdorable and sister site Stay tuned to both sites for more information about WN.

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