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Birdorable Barn Owl

Introducing the Birdorable Barn Owl

March 31st, 2009 in New Birds, Owls 9 comments
Birdorable Barn Owl

Barn Owl distribution
Source: Wikipedia
The Barn Owl is one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. You can find it on all continents; almost anywhere except for polar and desert regions. There are about 46 different subspecies of Barn Owl in the world. The North American one is the largest, weighing more than twice as much as the smallest race from the Galapagos Islands. Barn Owls are experts in hunting for small ground mammels, like mice, rats and gophers. And they need to catch a lot of foot! Barn Owls are able to consume twice as much food as other owls in comparison to their weight. A young Barn Owl can eat 25.000 mice a year!

Barn Owl
Photo by nicebiscuit
Barn Owl
Photo by Bryan Olesen

The Barn Owl is our 174th Birdorable bird and the answer to our last Spot the Birdorable. If you like our Birdorable Barn Owl you may also like our other birds of prey.

New Birdorable Organic T-Shirts

March 28th, 2009 in New Products No comments

We've added 7 new organic t-shirts to our Birdorable store today. They are made of 100% organic cotton and they are super comfortable. Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, which leads to less environmental damage and health risks. Our Birdorable organic t-shirts are the perfect gear for every birder or bird lover.

Quail and Kingfisher Coloring Pages

March 23rd, 2009 in Free Downloads, Coloring Pages 2 comments
Here are two new Birdorable coloring pages: the Birdorable California Quail and Common Kingfisher (aka the European Kingfisher). Just click one of the following links to download a PDF and print the page for some cute bird coloring fun:
Important: These downloads will be available until 15 October 2009. Check here for more cute Birdorable coloring pages.
(if you cannot open these PDF files you'll need to install Adobe Reader) To see the actual colors of these birds you can visit the corresponding meet pages of the California Quail and the Common Kingfisher.
Birdorable Coloring Pages of California Quail and European Kingfisher
Birdorable Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbirds

March 19th, 2009 in New Birds, Blackbirds 3 comments
Birdorable Yellow-headed Blackbird

One of the latest additions to Birdorable is the Yellow-headed Blackbird. This striking 8.5-inch blackbird is unmistakable with its yellow head and breast. You can find it across North America and especially in freshwater cattail marshes west of the Great Lakes. Each spring, enormous flocks of yellowheads migrate from Mexico and the southern United States northward to their nesting territories in western North America. You'll often see them hanging out with Red-winged Blackbirds, but the yellowheads are larger and dominant over the redwings. Here's a nice picture of both species flocking together:

Photo by hcgregory

The Yellow-headed Blackbird is a handsome bird, but it isn't afraid of getting its beautiful plumage dirty. Check out these pictures by Rick Wright in Arizona of yellowheads hanging out with cows in the mud.

Flats January 31, 2007 001
This and next photo by Rick Wright
Flats January 31, 2007 004

This is our cute Birdorable version of the Yellow-headed Blackbird. For more than 170 other Birdorable birds see the Meet the Birds page.

Birdorable Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher Bird of the Year in Germany

March 13th, 2009 in New Birds, In the News, Kingfishers 4 comments
Birdorable Common Kingfisher

The Common Kingfisher has been crowned Germany's Bird of the Year 2009 by NABU, the German BirdLife organization. NABU has been nominating the 'Bird of the Year' since 1971 to focus people's attention to a particular species and its habitat. The first bird was the Peregrine Falcon, which, thanks to several conservation projects, is no longer on the list of threatened birds in Germany. The Common Kingfisher itself isn't endangered in Germany — there are between 5,600 and 8,000 breeding pairs in Germany — but conservationists are hoping the added attention may results in increased protection for its dwindling habitat, which is rivers. Kingfishers need clear water and natural river banks to nest.

Common Kingfisher The Common Kingfisher...
Photo by xnir
Birdorable Blue-footed Booby

Who are you calling stupid?

March 11th, 2009 in Boobies 7 comments
Two Birdorable Blue-footed Boobies

The Blue-footed Booby is a beautiful bird that lives off the western coast of Central and South America. Half of all breeding pairs can be found on the Galápagos Islands, which is one of those places that I would love to visit once in my life. A true birder's paradise! Isn't this an astonishing pair of blue feet?

Blue footed Boobies
Photo by chany crystal
Blue-footed Booby, North Seymour Island, Galapagos
Photo by Alan

Blue-footed Boobies are marine birds that only come to land to breed. The name 'booby' comes from the Spanish word bobo, which means stupid fellow. Hey, that's not very nice! They were given this name for the clumsy way they walk around on land. But when they are on land they sure love to dance and show off their blue feet! Check out this great video from National Geographic:

If you like our Birdorable Blue-footed Booby then don't forget to check out our products here. We've also added another Booby this week, the Peruvian Booby.