Bonanza Bird #16: Cyprus Warbler

Birdorable Cyprus Warbler

Today’s bird, and the 16th species in the Birdorable Bonanza, is the Cyprus Warbler!

Warbler Cyprus,Kala Chorio,Cyprus 17/10/07
Warbler Cyprus,Kala Chorio,Cyprus 17/10/07 by Mick Sway

The Cyprus Warbler is a small species of warbler that lives on the island of Cyprus during breeding season, and in Israel, Jordan or Egypt during the winter months. Male Cyprus Warblers, like our Birdorable version, have black heads, grey backs, and dark streaking on the breast. Females are similar in color scheme though the brightness is toned down considerably.

Birdorable Cyprus Warbler Product Samples

Tomorrow's bird is a common hawk from Latin America. Its species name translates as 'large beak'. Can you guess what it will be?

Birdorable Bonanza Preview


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