Recently our fulfillment partner Zazzle started offering All-Over Print t-shirts and we have since added some to our store. This week's featured t-shirt is our new Trumpeter Swan, which was recently added to our site, on an All-Over Printed Unisex Tank. The unisex tanktop fits both men and women and is printed on 100% spun polyster that looks and feels like cotton. The Trumpeter Swan is the largest species of waterfowl in the world. They live across northern parts of North America. Their all-white plumage and heavy black bill make them a striking animal. You can customize this tank top! Move the swan around, change the background color or style, add text or images. If you like this bird don't forget to check out our other Trumpeter Swan gifts.

Trumpeter Swan All-Over Printed Unisex Tank

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Black Swans and Flying Pigs: The Black Swan's Journey from Myth to Emblem of Australia

Birdorable Black Swans in Sydney Harbor in front of the Opera House

The Black Swan, a bird steeped in history and symbolism, has traversed an incredible journey from myth to reality in the eyes of Europeans. For over 1,500 years, the term "Black Swan" was a metaphor in European cultures for something that was impossible or did not exist. The prevailing belief was that all swans were white, as evidenced by the only known species at the time, the Mute and Whooper Swans, both predominantly white. Mute Swans and Whooper Swans, both mostly white, were the only species of swan known to western culture at the time. The very idea of a black swan was considered as impossible as a flying pig. 

The discovery of the Black Swan in Australia in the late 1600s by European explorers was nothing short of astonishing. It upended centuries of entrenched beliefs, serving as a powerful reminder of the vastness and mystery of the natural world. The sight of these elegant birds, with their striking black plumage and contrasting red bills was as astounding as stumbling upon a mythical creature.

The Black Swan's presence became a symbol of discovery and the unknown, challenging the limits of people’s understanding of nature. It shifted from a metaphor for the impossible to an emblem of the unexpected and the rare.

In Australia, the Black Swan has assumed a significant cultural role, particularly in Western Australia. Its uniqueness and contrast to the northern hemisphere’s white swans have made it a symbol of Australian identity and the distinctiveness of the antipodean experience. This symbolism is reflected in its prominent inclusion on the flag and coat-of-arms of Western Australia.

The Black Swan’s story is not just about a bird; it’s a narrative that intertwines nature, culture, and history. It represents a paradigm shift in thinking, from the certainty of the known to the acceptance and embrace of the unfamiliar. Australians, especially those in Western Australia, have adopted the Black Swan as a representation of their unique place in the world, celebrating the beauty and diversity of their natural heritage.

If you'd like to read more about Black Swans and pop culture, check out this article.

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Many countries have an official national bird. For example, the national bird of Israel is the Hoopoe, and the national bird of Mauritius is the Dodo. All U.S. states also have official birds. But did you know that there are even some cities that have their own official bird? The official city bird of Chiyoda, Japan is the Mute Swan. A popular ornamental bird, Mute Swans have been introduced to North America and New Zealand, where wild feral populations thrive. These gorgeous large white birds are native to much of Europe and Asia. Interestingly, the current population of Mute Swans in Japan, numbering about 200 birds, is also introduced! However, the bird is historically native to the country. In fact, it was revered by the Japanese in the past; it is depicted on scrolls from over a thousand years ago.

Birdorable Mute Swan with the flag of Chiyoda

12 Days of Birdorable

Discover the Majestic Mute Swan on Birdorable's Seventh Day of Christmas

Birdorable Mute Swans

On the seventh day of Birdorable, the waters gleamed with the grace of 7 Swans-a-Swimming! As we dive deeper into our enchanting 12 Days of Birdorable celebration, today we’re delighted to introduce the Birdorable Mute Swan, an avian gem that adds a touch of elegance to our festive flock.

Reflecting the "Seven Swans-a-Swimming" verse from the beloved "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol, the Mute Swan beautifully embodies this iconic holiday imagery. Known for their majestic presence and serene beauty, Mute Swans are a familiar sight across much of Europe, gracing ponds, lakes, and rivers with their regal demeanor. 

Though called "mute," these swans are anything but silent; they communicate through a range of soft grunts and hisses, a contrast to the vocal melodies of other swan species. With their striking white plumage, long, graceful necks, and an orange bill bordered with black, Mute Swans are a symbol of purity and elegance. 

The spread of Mute Swans beyond their native European borders, as ornamental birds in parks and estates, speaks to their universal appeal. However, their beauty comes with a responsibility to ensure that their presence supports, rather than disrupts, local ecosystems. Conservation efforts and responsible management are key to maintaining the balance between admiring these birds and preserving the habitats they share with native wildlife.

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