12 Days of Birdorable

The Grand Crescendo: Ruffed Grouse Drum Up the Final Day of Birdorable's Christmas Cheer

12 Birdorable Ruffed Grouse

As the festive season reaches its crescendo, the twelfth day of Birdorable brings the rhythmic beat of 12 Drumming Ruffed Grouse! Our celebration of avian charm wraps up today by welcoming the Ruffed Grouse into the Birdorable family.

Echoing the classic line "Twelve Drummers Drumming" from the beloved carol "The 12 Days of Christmas," the Ruffed Grouse offers its own natural percussion. These birds are known for their unique "drumming" behavior, which is a showy display used to woo potential mates. The male Ruffed Grouse creates this drumming sound not with instruments but with the rapid beating of their wings while standing on a log or the ground. This act is as integral to the courtship of these birds as a dozen drummers in a holiday parade.

The drumming of the Ruffed Grouse is more than just a mating call; it's a signature sound of the American woodlands. As we conclude our 12 Days of Birdorable, we hope these drumming Ruffed Grouse have tapped their way into your hearts, bringing joy and a touch of nature's music to your holiday celebrations. May the beat of their wings inspire you to explore and appreciate the natural wonders around us.

We thank you for joining us on this Birdorable journey, and we look forward to sharing more avian delights with you in the future. Happy holidays, and keep listening for the drumming that calls you back to nature!

This is the twelfth and final day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

Cute Ruffed Grouse Gifts


Spurwing Plover on January 27, 2022 at 6:43 AM wrote:
Plus the State Bird of Pennsylvania

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