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Discover the Majestic Mute Swan on Birdorable's Seventh Day of Christmas

Birdorable Mute Swans

On the seventh day of Birdorable, the waters gleamed with the grace of 7 Swans-a-Swimming! As we dive deeper into our enchanting 12 Days of Birdorable celebration, today we’re delighted to introduce the Birdorable Mute Swan, an avian gem that adds a touch of elegance to our festive flock.

Reflecting the "Seven Swans-a-Swimming" verse from the beloved "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol, the Mute Swan beautifully embodies this iconic holiday imagery. Known for their majestic presence and serene beauty, Mute Swans are a familiar sight across much of Europe, gracing ponds, lakes, and rivers with their regal demeanor. 

Though called "mute," these swans are anything but silent; they communicate through a range of soft grunts and hisses, a contrast to the vocal melodies of other swan species. With their striking white plumage, long, graceful necks, and an orange bill bordered with black, Mute Swans are a symbol of purity and elegance. 

The spread of Mute Swans beyond their native European borders, as ornamental birds in parks and estates, speaks to their universal appeal. However, their beauty comes with a responsibility to ensure that their presence supports, rather than disrupts, local ecosystems. Conservation efforts and responsible management are key to maintaining the balance between admiring these birds and preserving the habitats they share with native wildlife.

This is the seventh day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

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12 Days of Birdorable

Birdorable's Christmas Countdown: Six Geese-a-Laying with the Greylag Goose

On the sixth day of Birdorable, the gift was truly delightful... 6 Greylag Geese-a-Laying! As we joyfully continue our 12 Days of Birdorable, today we're thrilled to welcome the Birdorable Greylag Goose, a brand new addition to our avian celebration.

Embracing the "Six Geese-a-Laying" from the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol, the Greylag Goose serves as a perfect living symbol for this verse. These birds are not only prevalent across much of Europe but also hold a special place in the history of aviculture as the ancestors of the modern domestic Embden Goose.

The Greylag Goose, with its distinctive bulky body and large head, showcases shades of grey on its feathers, punctuated by a pinkish beak and legs, making it a sight of understated beauty in the wild. As one of the largest and oldest of the geese native to the UK and Europe, their presence is a common yet always remarkable sight in wetlands, marshes, and lakes.

In the wild, the Greylag Goose is known for its remarkable parenting skills, with both the male and female sharing the responsibility of incubating the eggs and raising their young. The sight of these geese-a-laying during the breeding season is a natural spectacle.

This is the sixth day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

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12 Days of Birdorable

Unwrapping Nature's Gifts: The Gold-ringed Tanager in Birdorable's Holiday Series

Five Birdorable Golden-ringed Tanagers

On the fifth day of Birdorable, my true love sent to me ... 5 Gold-ringed Tanagers! As we joyously proceed with our 12 Days of Birdorable, today marks the introduction of a vibrant new feathered friend—the Birdorable Gold-ringed Tanager, a stunning addition to our growing family of avian species.

Venturing creatively beyond the traditional "Five Gold Rings" from the cherished "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol, we're thrilled to present the Gold-ringed Tanager. This bird, with its striking appearance and endemic status to Colombia, is a true treasure of the natural world, deserving of a spotlight in our festive countdown.

Adorned with vibrant hues that could rival any precious metal, the Gold-ringed Tanager features a mesmerizing combination of black, bright yellow, and blue, accented with golden rings around its body that gleam like the sun filtering through a dense forest canopy. This small but incredibly striking bird inhabits the cloud forests of Colombia, a habitat that is as unique and enchanting as the tanager itself.

As we revel in the beauty of the Gold-ringed Tanager on this fifth day of Birdorable, let's be reminded of the incredible diversity of life that shares this planet with us. Let the festive season be a time of joy, wonder, and a deeper connection to the natural world, with the Birdorable Gold-ringed Tanager leading the way in our hearts and imaginations.

This is the fifth day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

12 Days of Birdorable

A Birdorable Carol: Celebrating Four Calling Blackbirds

4 Birdorable calling Blackbirds

On the fourth day of Birdorable, a melodious chorus filled the air... 4 Calling Blackbirds! As our festive 12 Days of Birdorable journey unfolds, today we spotlight the Four Calling Blackbirds, a charming addition that brings the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol to life with an avian twist.

Diving into the original "Four Calling Birds" verse—historically referred to as "four colly birds," with "colly" meaning black as coal—it's the Common Blackbird that takes center stage in our celebration. This bird, with its glossy black plumage in males and rich, brown tones in females, is a familiar sight in gardens across Europe, known for its beautiful and varied song.

The Common Blackbird, a species that thrives not only in Europe but also across Asia, North Africa, and in introduced populations in Australia and New Zealand, is celebrated for its melodious calls and songs. These birds have a special place in the hearts of bird enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, bringing the sounds of nature closer to home with their rich musical repertoire.

As we delight in the presence of these Four Calling Blackbirds on this fourth day of Birdorable, let their songs remind us of the joy and beauty that birds bring into our lives. May their calls lead you to discover the rich tapestry of bird song that surrounds us, a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

This is the fourth day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

Over the next 8 days we will post another Birdorable bird for our 12 Days of Birdorable. Be sure to check back each day for this fun event!

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12 Days of Birdorable

Three French Hens: The Faverolles of Birdorable's Holiday Cheer

Three Birdorable French Hens

On the third day of Birdorable, /meet/faverolles ... 3 French Hens! Our festive 12 Days of Birdorable celebration takes a delightful turn today as we introduce the first-ever Birdorable chicken, the Faverolles. This French breed of chicken, with its distinctively colorful plumage and endearing personality, adds a touch of rustic elegance to our holiday lineup.

The "Three French Hens" from the beloved "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol are brought to life in the form of the Faverolles, a breed that encapsulates the essence of French countryside charm. Known for their unique appearance, cock Faverolles boast a striking black and white coloration, while the hens, the stars of our Birdorable moment, display a beautiful range of salmon-colored to creamy white feathers.

Faverolles are known for their docile and friendly nature, making them a favorite among poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken keepers alike. These birds have a distinctive look, with fluffy feathers, beards, and feathered feet, adding to their appeal and making them one of the most recognizable chicken breeds.

The story of the Faverolles, with its blend of French elegance and homely charm, is a perfect addition to our holiday celebration. Let these Birdorable French Hens inspire warmth and joy as we continue our journey through the 12 Days of Birdorable.

This is the third day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Previously featured were:

Over the next 9 days we will post another Birdorable bird for our 12 Days of Birdorable. Be sure to check back each day for this fun event!

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12 Days of Birdorable

Birdorable's Festive Countdown: Day Two with Turtle Doves

Two Birdorable European Turtle Doves

On the second day of Birdorable, my true love sent to me ... 2 Turtle Doves! As we joyfully continue our 12 Days of Birdorable, today we warmly welcome the European Turtle Dove, a bird that embodies the spirit of peace, love, and fidelity, making it a fitting ambassador for the season's greetings.

The "Two Turtle Doves" from the timeless "The 12 Days of Christmas" carol are not only a staple of holiday music but also a universal symbol of devoted love. The European Turtle Dove, with its delicate features, including a distinctive black-and-white cheek patch and the striking red skin around its eyes, captures the essence of this enduring symbol. 

Turtle Doves have long held a place in popular culture and literature as emblems of deep affection and enduring relationships, making their representation in the carol a celebration of love and companionship during the holiday season. Beyond their cultural significance, Turtle Doves face challenges in the wild, with declining populations due to habitat loss, hunting, and changes in agricultural practices. 

As we embrace the beauty and grace of the Two Birdorable Turtle Doves on this second day of our festive journey, let their image inspire thoughts of love, peace, and the importance of cherishing and protecting the natural world. 

This is the second day of our 12 Days of Birdorable holiday event. Our first day featured A Partridge in a Pear Tree. Over the next 10 days we will feature another Birdorable bird for our 12 Days of Birdorable. Be sure to check back each day for this fun event!

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12 Days of Birdorable

Kicking Off Birdorable's 12 Days with the Red-legged Partridge

Birdorable Partridge in a Pear Tree

What an exciting kickoff to the 12 Days of Birdorable — today marks not only the beginning of our festive countdown but also the celebration of our 300th Birdorable bird, the Red-legged Partridge! This special occasion brings the spirit of the traditional "12 Days of Christmas" to the forefront, albeit with a delightful avian twist. While the original song's gifts aren't all feathered friends, our Birdorable journey will exclusively feature birds, adding a touch of ornithological charm to the holiday season.

The Red-legged Partridge, our inaugural Birdorable for this series, holds a special place in the lore of the "Partridge in a Pear Tree." Native to France and widely found across Europe, this bird was introduced to the United Kingdom, the region where the Christmas carol is thought to have originated. Despite being introduced, the Red-legged Partridge is thought to be the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" because this species is much more likely to be perched in a tree compared to native UK partridges.

This bird's distinctive features, including its striking red legs and face, along with its beautiful plumage, make it a standout addition to the Birdorable family. Its presence in the UK and its association with the festive carol highlight the intertwined nature of culture, history, and wildlife.

As we embark on the 12 Days of Birdorable, let the Red-legged Partridge inspire us to appreciate the beauty and diversity of birds around us. Each day we will unveil another Birdorable bird, enriching our holiday season with stories of nature's wonders. Be sure to check back daily for this fun event, as we explore the avian world with Birdorable.

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T-Shirt Tuesday

Find the Perfect Birdorable Gift: Great Grey Owl Santa for the Holidays

As the winter season wraps its chilly embrace around us, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike turn their gaze towards the majestic Great Grey Owl, a true marvel of the avian world. Known for its imposing size, piercing eyes, and the silent grace with which it glides through the frosty air, this owl becomes a sought-after sight in the colder months. What could possibly make the Great Grey Owl even more enchanting for the holiday season? Imagine this magnificent bird donning a Santa Claus hat, perched whimsically on a candy cane—transformed into an adorable Birdorable character that captures the heart of Christmas spirit!

Introducing the Birdorable Great Grey Owl Santa, a holiday design that combines the solemn majesty of one of the most impressive owls with the playful joy of the festive season. This original design is perfect for spreading holiday cheer and showcasing your love for birds in a cute, Birdorable style. Whether you're a dedicated birder, a casual nature lover, or simply in search of unique holiday decor and gifts, this Great Grey Owl adorned in festive attire is sure to bring a smile to faces and warmth to hearts.

Ready to dive into the holiday season with a touch of avian magic? The Birdorable Great Grey Owl Santa is waiting to adorn your home and holiday gatherings with its festive flair. From apparel to other gifts, this design is available on a wide range of products that are perfect for bird lovers and those who cherish the festive season's spirit. Be sure to explore our Christmas section for hundreds of more holiday-themed gifts that celebrate the beauty of birds in the most adorable way possible.

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spend a cold December day than to cuddle up with your crayons and color in one of our Christmas-themed Birdorable coloring pages! Check out these six new downloads featuring our cute Birdorable birds wearing santa hats. Go to Coloring Pages to download these new PDFs. You can check our Meet the Birds page to get some color guidance. Do you like our Birdorable Christmas birds? Check out our many Christmas-themed t-shirts and gifts and Christmas cards! The first coloring page has three American backyard birds perched on a candy cane. They are: Black-capped Chickadee, American Goldfinch and Dark-eyed Junco.

Birdorable Christmas coloring page

We have a similar one for our friends across the pond, with a European Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Great Tit. The other four coloring pages have a Barred Owl, Bar-tailed Godwit, Laughing Kookaburra and Atlantic Puffin ... all dressed up and ready for the holidays.

Birdorable Christmas coloring pages

These downloads will be available until 31 December 2010. Check here for more coloring pages. Subscribe to the Birdorable Blog by RSS feed or by email to get notified when new downloads like this are added. Have you used our coloring pages at home, in your classroom, or at an event? We’d love to hear about it! Send us photos of the pages in action, or the final result – we may showcase them on our blog!

T-Shirt Tuesday

Festive Finds: Birdorable Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Santa Hats

This week, we're thrilled to spotlight a t-shirt design that captures the essence of holiday spirit and the enduring charm of one of nature's smallest treasures—the hummingbird. Featuring a trio of Birdorable Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, each adorned with a playful Santa Claus hat, this design is a heartwarming nod to these vibrant birds that continue to capture our admiration, even in their winter absence.

Hummingbirds, particularly the Ruby-throats, are marvels of nature, known for their dazzling colors, incredible flight abilities, and the joy they bring to many during the warmer months. Though they may be spending the winter in warmer climes, this adorable Birdorable design keeps the hummingbirds close to our hearts and minds, celebrating their beauty in a whimsically festive manner.

But why stop at t-shirts? This charming Birdorable Ruby-throats design is also available on a variety of customizable gifts. Whether you're looking for the perfect present for a bird lover, nature enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the unique and adorable, these festive hummingbirds are sure to bring a smile to faces this holiday season.

Embrace the spirit of the holidays with these little jewels in festive Christmas style. Let the Birdorable Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Santa hats be a merry addition to your celebrations, spreading cheer and a love for birds with every wear or share.