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Warbler Week 2018: Introduction

May 20th, 2018 1 comment

Did you know that May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month?

Some New World warblers migrate between winter grounds in South and Central America to their breeding grounds across North America, and the peak of their migration in central and northern parts of the United States occurs for the most part during May. Warbler Neck is an affliction birdwatchers may suffer as they search, looking up, for these visiting feathered gems.

While we may be getting over our Warbler Neck as the warblers are reaching their breeding grounds, we thought this is a great time to celebrate these amazing birds. Welcome to Warbler Week! We'll be focused on New World warblers for this celebration. There are over 100 recognzied species of New World Warbler. Here at Birdorable we have 24 species, and this week we'll reveal four more.

To kick off our celebratory week, let's have a look at featured Birdorable warbler blog posts of the past:

We hope you'll join us this week as we celebrate warblers on the Birdorable blog!